Picking Allen Roth Lighting to Upgrade Your Home!

Last Update July 5th, 2016 Thank your for visiting allenrothhub.com!  As I mentioned on my homepage, Allen Roth lighting is truly a work of art!  I originally go interested in these lights  when I was wondering around Home Depot looking for something special that I could add to my house.  I was tired of the mundane lights that just looked boring and unoriginal.  But once I found these lights I knew it was something special.  These lights had a great modern and new feel that I really enjoyed.  They were generally made out of metallic and chrome looking material that really flowed well with my new tone of my house.  I took the plunge and I purchased it, and I loved it!  In this page, I am going to do my best to help you guys pick your best allen roth lighting pieces and guide you on the shopping process!

Why Pick Allen Roth Lighting?

Allen and roth as a whole has been around since the 1980’s.  They started with just lighting products, and they have done fantastic with it.  Because of this success they ended up signing a pretty big deal with Lowes.com and they now are housed in nearly every lowes store in the United States!  Because of this success they have expanded and now they do quite a variety of different interior good products.

This success from their business has been caused by a few factors that has made me a true believer in how good this company is!  This company prides itself on it’s tough and lasting design.  I have owned over thirty of their pieces and I have never had to repair or send a piece back in the last five years.  This to me is definitely a positive sign of a good product.  Along with durability, I love the customer service.  Since signing their deal with lowes, their customer service has increased tremendously, and it is really easy to get ahold of them whenever you have a few questions or concerns.  The last factor that has made me love allen and roth lighting is their price.  Generally speaking, when you look at lighting pieces from any company, it can have a wide range of prices.  But with this brand, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank, their prices are very reasonable and I am more than willing to pay this for the type of quality that I have received time after time.

In the end of the day, picking a light source for your home is supposed to do exactly that, be a source.  When you are just getting into interior design it can be hard to really judge how many watts and lumens you might need for your room.  Thankfully I just read an article explaining how to judge how many lumens you need for interior lighting.

What Style Do You Need?

When you are looking for lighting, whether it be in your kitchen or your bathroom, you need to identify they type of style that you are going after.  This helps to narrow down all the millions of products you can Allen Roth Lightingbe looking at, and help you only look at products that will fit this need in your home.  Nowadays Allen roth has quite a few different styles which include modern, brass, and older more rustic styles.  So obviously you wouldn’t want to buy a set of brass lighting styles with a house that doesn’t match.  So you need to think carefully about this process and make sure you match the styles up correctly!

What Type of Lighting Do You Need?

Picking the type of lighting you need is very similar to picking the type of style you want.  There are quite a few different types of lighting in this world, and different types definitely fit in different situations.  Because of this, I have decided to make different pages on specific types of allen roth lights that will help you guys out even more.  Each of these pages will be tailored towards one type and hopefully they will give you all the information that you need!

Types of Allen Roth LightingMaterialLocation 
AR Outdoor LightingMetallicYard/Patio
AR Lighting FixturesMetallicPorch
AR Pendant LightsMetallic/GlassKitchen
AR LampsMetallic/WoodLiving Room
AR Bathroom LightingMetallic/GlassBathroom
AR ChandelierMetallic/GlassDining Room
AR Landscape LightingSteelYard

What Type Of Material Are You Looking For?

For every type of light fixture or piece, you will need to decide what type of material you want it made out of.  And of course the type of material definitely depends on what the actual product is.  But I definitely would suggest you do your research.  I have seen pieces with a wide variety of different types of woods, and different metals.  I definitely love the older type woods because they look good with the bulbs of the lights. But then again, because for the most part, the type of material for the lights doesn’t really affect the functionality all too much, that means most of this depends on your personal preference.  Along with the type of wood, I love the variety in the colored options.  For instance, there are quite a few types of stained colors like stained brass, and copper stained brass.

Allen Roth Outdoor Lighting!

outdoorWhen you are someone who loves entertaining while enjoying the great outdoors, the option to have lights outdoors is one of the best solutions in the world!  As someone who lives in a state with warm summers and beautiful falls you want to spend as much time as you outside, but it can be hard if you don’t have the proper lighting.  Thankfully allen roth outdoor lighting has a solution for this problem!  I first tried these outdoors lights when I was planning on hosting an outdoor mixer with some of my friends and I needed to make sure that there was ample lighting that also looked like it belonged.  Instead of throwing up some cheap lanterns, I decided I needed lights that I would be proud of, and because of this i chose allen and roth outdoor lighting!

Allen roth outdoor lighting is some of the most durable and beautiful outdoor lighting systems that I have ever seen.  These are great because they withstand all that mother nature can throw at it, and they are beautiful looking.  These are cheap lights that stick out like a sore thumb and break within a month, these are something that will last!

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Allen Roth Lighting Fixtures!

Lighting FixturesAnother type of lighting type you might consider consider is a general lighting fixture.  Lighting fixtures generally are lighting pieces that are hung from the ceiling or from the wall.  These are used generally as the main source of light in a room and definitely are an important aspect of a room.  I like to think of these as some of the main visual points in a room so you definitely need something fantastic!

When I was first starting out I tried quite a few different fixtures, and I had varied results.  I had one set that I had to get repaired three times, and I eventually just threw it out.  Eventually, I tried my first set of allen roth fixtures, and I knew I found what I should use from now on!  I purchased these pieces for my dining room and kitchen area and I found them to be beautiful!  They were very high quality and I have never had a problem with reliability!

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Allen Roth Pendant Light!

Similar to lighting fixtures, the next type of lighting is a simple pendant light.  A pendant light hangs from the ceiling and is the main source of light for a room.  Generally speaking pendant lights produce a Allen roth pendantlittle less light than lighting fixtures but they are more simple and can be considered more elegant.  The very first pendant light I ever used was an allen roth pendant light and it was amazing!

My pendant light was a one bulbed fixture with a four sided glass surrounding.  This piece was actually a great price, and the quality was impeccable!  When I originally saw it all hooked up in my house you could have guessed that I spent hundreds if not thousands on this one piece!  Thankfully it wasn’t the case, but it did look absolutely stunning, and I still have this piece today!

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Allen Roth Lamps!

Allen Roth LampSimilar to our past lighting types, a very common type of light source for the household is a lamp.  Lamps as most of you should know are generally table or countertop light sources that are plugged in and stand on their own.  There are some standing lamps, but it’s all up to your preference.  I personally love my allen roth lamps, I have gotten four different lamps and they all are coffee table/countertop lamps.

I love the amount of light they supply.  They shouldn’t really be used as the main source of light in a room, but they definitely can give you that little bit of extra light that can take your room to the next level!  I love my allen and roth lamps and I know you will too!

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Allen Roth Bathroom Lighting!

Allen Roth bathroom lightingAs you can probably tell from this title, another type of light is the bathroom light!  As you can probably guess, these lights are are situated in bathrooms to help provide a constant light source to the room.  These can work well if they are accompanied with a vanity as they can sit on top of it, or these can be a variant of a pendant light or something similar.

I typically have a tough time choosing which allen roth bathroom light to use because there are simply so many different choices.  But if it makes you feel any better, it is hard to go wrong with any one of them.  They all look slightly different but they do all have the great looks and the trusted brand behind it that counts!  When you are selecting which one to get, you will need to take in mind how many bulbs you want.  I have seen options that range from just one large bulb, and also three bulbs like the picture above.  Generally speaking, I haven’t noticed a huge difference in the amount of light with the different number of bulbs.  Huffington Post actually wrote about different types of lights and the amount lighting they give offBut either way, I think you will find a perfect set for your bathroom!

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Allen Roth Chandelier!

allen roth chandelierWhen you think of lights, many people think of the rinky dink lights that you might see in a bathroom.  But some lighting fixtures are meant to be a thing of beauty! A great example of these beautiful lights is an Allen Roth Chandelier!  Chandeliers are generally hung from a higher ceiling and have a vide array of beautiful prisms and other geometric shapes to help with the ornate nature of these pieces.  I’m sure you have seen some of the beautiful pieces when watching movies and over the dining room table or in the entry room there is a marvelous chandelier on the ceiling that looks like it’s made of thousands of pieces.

I was alway in awe of the complexity of Allen Roth chandeliers, and I knew eventually I would have to buy one!  My day of purchase finally came a few years ago, when I was at Lowes and I saw a pamphlet talking about these new pieces.  They were just as complex as the movies showed, but the price was actually reasonable!  I knew I had to have it, and I ordered it online that day!  An Allen Roth Chandelier is a great example of allen and roth lighting, and I made a page for everyone to learn more!

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What About Allen Roth Ceiling Lights?

AR ceiling lightWhen you are going about your house looking at all the lighting in your ceiling, it can be a little unnerving when you have to replace them all.  There are quite a few different types of ceiling lights, and it can be very hard to decide which to use and which are the best for you.  I dealt with this problem when I was replacing my lighting but thankfully I don’t have that problem anymore because of Allen Roth ceiling lights.

These lights are something I consider to be perfect for all ceiling lighting needs.  They come in a few different forms whether it be florescent  or LED and  you as a comsumer need to do your research to make an educated decision.  Because there are so many different types and options available for you guys to choose from, I decided to make a full page about my Allen Roth ceiling lights review.  Hopefully this will help to give you a better idea of what is the best choice for your home!

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You Need Allen Roth Landscape Lighting!

allen roth landscape lightingWhen you are decorating your yard you must know the benefits of having lighting out there as well.  If you have landscape lighting, you are more likely to provide a safe environment for your home from animals and intruders but it also helps to give some comforting light on your beautiful yard!  Selecting landscape lighting can be difficult but it doesn’t always have to be!  I just recently have switched over to Allen Roth landscape lighting and it has been great for not only my family, but for my yard as well!

Before this, I didn’t have any lights at all in my yard, and it was a dark and eerie environment, and I knew I had to do something!  I decided to go to lowes.com, and started my search.  There were so many different types, but finally I was persuaded to go with the trusty Allen Roth landscape lighting!

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As you can see there are so many types of Allen and Roth lights, and you definitely need to do your research to find which piece is the best for your needs.  I personally spent hours looking through Home Depot and other sellers and I just went up and down the aisles looking at all the lighting options.  There were definitely hundreds of options but once you have an idea of what you need, then you can definitely narrow it down.  I narrowed my options down to a few different choices for my dining room, and I knew I was close.   I then asked my friends and family to take a look at these lighting options, and I finally was able to pick my favorite lighting choice from Allen Roth!