Choosing Your Homes Allen Roth Wall Plates!

Electricity powers almost everything you can imagine. From cell phones, cars, subways and above all, your home, electricity can be likened to an artificial all time sun. Now, household wiring can be messy and the last thing you want to see is a mixture of multi-colored wires dangling in your house. To sort out this mess, a wall plate comes in.  Wall plates, (also referred to as switch plates), are home décor as well as safety accessories that are used to cover up the ugly electrical wirings at the wall and also provide switch control for your home’s basic lighting.  You can have cheap plastic wall plates or you can have stylish ones like the Allen Roth wall plates!

Apart from covering up the wiring and providing a spot for placing the much needed electrical switches in the house, wall plates can also double up as coax plates which are necessary for providing a coax socket that enables you to watch your favorite cable TV or satellite show under your own roof. Above all, a wall plate is enough assurance that your kids are out of danger of electrical shock since all popping wires have been well sealed.

Aesthetic value

allen roth wall platesMaybe you are on the idea that wall plates are all about safety, but contrary to what you think, wall plates offer more than just safety.

Ever wanted that modern look and feel in your house? The painting might do it, the house design might do it, but the perfect wall plates seal it all up. Allen Roth switch plate designs are usually characterized with some decoration or color that changes the visual appeal of your house or your office. This contributes largely to the whole office or house décor thus brightening the feel of the house or office.

Best Allen Roth Wall Plates

Because there are so many different choices of switch plates available by Allen Roth, I have decided to make a chart to help you easily pick out which plate will work the best and look the best for your home.

ProductColor# of Gangs
Allen + Roth Single Gang

Allen Roth 1 gang wall plate
Dark BronzeOne
Allen + Roth Double Gang

Allen Roth two Gang Wall Plate

Double Gang Wall Plate

Dark BronzeTwo
Allen + Roth Triple Gang

Allen Roth 3 Gang Wall Plate
Dark BronzeThree

Things to consider as you buy a wall plate

Knowing about what wall plates are and what they can do is not enough knowledge. You need to know how to choose the right one for your house or office as not all wall plates can fit aptly in a given socket.

a) Application

Wall plates are specific in that they can only fit in a certain outlet and accommodate a given kind of switch. Some wall plates are known to accommodate more than the common light switches, with some providing a coaxial cable port for cable TV or satellite.

Of all these options, the most common application is a simple electrical switch, and these retail almost everywhere, with some recommended brands being the likes of Allen Roth. The point here is, if you intend to use a wall plate as a coaxial port for instance, you need to shop for the appropriate coaxial wall plate that will serve the exact purpose. Same case applies for a wall plate destined to be used as a normal switch.

b) Number of “gangs”

First off, “gang” refers to an element, basically a switch, placed side to side on a wall plate. This factor of consideration all boils down to the electrical box on which the wall plate will be mounted. Some outlets have only one switch while others can accommodate up to four independent switches. This calls for either a one gang (or single gang), two gang, three gang or four gang wall plate, according to the demand of the outlet box.

Now, does the price rise with the increasing number of gangs? Definitely yes, but to keep your smile, it’s only a slight difference. So, don’t worry about the outlet in your house requiring a four “gang” wall plate. You will still have some change after purchasing it.

c) Construction

This is where longevity and décor come in. Let’s start with the longevity aspect.

A wall plate can be made from a variety of materials, but it is imperative that you buy one that will keep you off the shelves for quite a while. Some materials to consider for a great wall plate include bronze or brass. First off, these metals are non-conductors of electricity thus worries of possible electrical shocking should be written off. Second, these metals are very hardy and less susceptible to wear and tear. You will make use of them over and over again before the damages become significant. Therefore, these two materials are a great choice if you want less visits to the shelves looking for the same thing.

Now on décor, the construction of a wall plate in terms of design and color scheme defines a lot about the final look of the house or office to which they are installed. If you are looking for a modern feel, bronze is a good choice. Allen Roth wall plates commonly come in bronze, as either dark oiled bronze or dark oil-rubbed bronze; perfect for the modern setup.

d) Size of Socket Hole

Electrical boxes come in different sizes and so should wall plates. Depending on the size of the electrical box to which the wall plate will be fitted, the apt dimensions of the wall plate should be obtained. Remember the main job of a wall plate is to cover the outlet and its dangling wires and if it fails to do this job, then receiving a severe shock or having your wiring damaged at any time is possible.

So as to cover the electrical box appropriately, wall plates come in several sizes that is: standard size, medium size or oversized/jumbo wall plates.

My Picks For The Best Allen Roth Wall Plates 2016!

There are definitely quite a bit of variation in wall plates, and that makes it a little more difficult when you are shopping for them.  But thankfully, Amazon carries nearly every allen roth switch plate in one convenient place.

Wall plates are great, wall plates are a must have and wall plates are a beauty statement. However, caution should be exercised in that if your electrical fittings are still being placed, don’t be in a rush to purchase wall plates. Exercise patience, wait for the end of that phase and once the fittings are done, an apt selection can be made. This electrical fitting is a rare piece that can serve multiple purposes thus getting the right one is very key.  Overall I hope you enjoyed my allen roth wall plates guide, and I hope it inspires you a little for your next renovation!