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Last Update April 5th, 2016 Thanks for visiting Allen Roth Hub everyone!  I hope you enjoy your stay and you take in some tips and tricks about home renovation!  I often hear complaints and groans about the whole process of remodeling or even building your own house.  And trust me, I understand the hesitation, but it doesn’t actually have to be that bad!  I have worked with friends and family for quite sometime helping them manage the whole process, and have grown to love it!  So, hopefully with my help, you won’t get overwhelmed and you’ll learn to enjoy it!  Over spending quite a few years building and repairing and remodeling, you start to lean towards certain companies and brands as soon as you start a new project.  That is exactly what I have found myself doing.  And I think it definitely saves me a good amount of time because I have a brand that I have used and can trust.  This brand is Allen Roth!

Types of Allen and Roth ProductsPrice
AR Lighting20$-200$
AR Flooring10$-75$ SqFt
AR Patio Furniture50$-2500$
AR Gazebo250$+
AR Vanity150$+
AR Closet25$-250$
AR Ceiling Fan75$-250$
AR Wallplates5$-25$
AR Curtains25$-100$

Allen and Roth has been around for quite a long time mainly starting in the lighting industry, but now they are focusing on their agreement with and they are expanding to accompany ever sector of the interior design niche.  They really are doing their best to have a huge amount of different products for you to pick from.  I love Allen & Roth, so now whenever I am doing some renovations I know exactly what brand to look for! So, lets dive right in and see what they have in store for you!

Allen Roth Lighting: The Perfect Piece!

Allen Roth LightingAs I mentioned in my quick intro, Allen Roth predominately started as a lighting producer, and a great one at that.  My first experience with this company was with Allen Roth Lighting.  I was actually touring a friends house when I saw a piece and knew I had to learn more.  I have tried quite a few different lighting pieces, and can really tell that this brand has really taken over the modern feel for lighting.  I have experimented and tried quite a few pieces but not many look better than a sleek looking silver or metallic material that literally goes with everything!

After putting some pieces in my renovated kitchen, I just knew I had to have more of them.  I ended up remodeling quite a few of my own personal rooms with them, and I always suggest them to my friends!  But I have written up a large page directly about Allen Roth lighting that I have done my best to give you my unbiased opinion on these pieces!

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Allen And Roth Flooring: A New Look!

allen roth flooringTypically speaking, when you think of AR you don’t necessarily think of Allen and Roth flooring, but that’s okay.  They are taking the flooring market by storm!  They have just come out with a new line of hardwood floors that looks amazing, and price wise it is very affordable.  The first time I was in contact with Allen Roth flooring was when I was looking at a house in the Parade of Homes Festival where people open up their homes they are either selling or looking for ideas from.  While touring one of the homes I was fascinated by the flooring, and when I asked I was blown away that A&R did these floors.

The main attraction to this companies flooring is their diversity, and their guarantee.  When you buy floors from Allen Roth, you know that you are getting the best floor for your money.  These floors are great quality and they aren’t going to get scratched and look dilapidated within a year or two, they are good for over fifty years!    There is too much to write about in this little section so I dedicated an entire page towards these flooring solutions.

Learn More About Allen And Roth Flooring Here!

Picking Allen and Roth Patio Furniture!

allen roth patio furnitureEnjoying the great outdoors is something everyone should experience once in a while.  I personally am an avid outdoorsman so I love being outside and enjoying the weather.  Because of this I thoroughly enjoy being the owner of Allen and Roth Patio Furniture!  As anyone who loves entertaining or even just eating dinner outside, having proper patio furniture can be a blessing.  Allen Roth patio furniture is something that will make you never want to go back to anything else after trying it once.  They have a wide range of outdoor pieces that are really great.  I have personally owned three different sets of Allen & Roth outdoor patio furniture and I have loved all of them.

The great thing about these pieces are really their quality and their durability.  I bought all three of these pieces at the same time, and the each spend their respective season outside all day and night.  It has been three years and they barely show any signs of wear and tear.  These pieces will stay looking great for years at a time which ends up saving you money!

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You Need an Allen Roth Gazebo!

allen roth gazeboSimilar to patio furniture, another outside furniture piece is an Allen Roth gazebo!  Gazebo’s are outdoor pavilions that don’t have walls, but have a roof that protects its occupants from rain and the sun.  These structures have been around for hundreds of years and are still largely found in beautiful gardens and outdoor parks to help give people a place to hide from the sun and the weather.

Three summers ago after many hours of thinking for solutions, I finally purchased and Allen and Roth gazebo.  At my house I had a beautiful and open backyard behind my pool that would be perfect for entertaining but the sun was just too intense for that to be a viable solution.  But thankfully I was introduced to the gazebos and I knew I had to have one.  I ended up purchasing one, and although it was a big purchase, the price was very reasonable because of this quality.  Along with this quality, the company’s guarantee was enough to make me purchase this gazebo.  In the past three years I have used this gazebo nearly everyday, and it was definitely my favorite purchase and I would do it again!

You Need To Learn More About An Allen Roth Gazebo Here!

Selecting an Allen and Roth Vanity!

allen and roth vanityA vanity is something is used in both bedrooms and in bathrooms, and they are great pieces to own.  Generally if you an Allen Roth Vanity in your bedroom then it won’t include a sink, and it will generally be a desk area with a mirror on the backboard, and then cabinets down the front for you to help organize all your stuff.  These are a little different than Allen Roth Vanities that are for bathrooms.  These pieces are similar, but they are generally fitted with a sink in the middle of the desktop area, and then they also have the cabinets down the side and a lot also have the mirror on the backboard.

As you can see, these pieces are great because they give you all this functionality, while giving you a stylish piece for your house.  I personally own both types, and they both flow great with my current styles of my home.  When you look through the array of all the styles, there is definitely something that will fit your fancy!  I could write all day about an Allen Roth Vanity, so I have made a page dedicated to them.  I will do my best to provide you with all the information you need, while giving you unbiased reviews on these pieces!

Learn More About an Allen and Roth Vanity Here!

Choosing Allen Roth Wallpaper!

allen roth wallpaperAs people that are interested in interior design, there are so many little things you can do to help change the style and the look of your home.  Some of these elements may seem very small and insignificant but they all are part of the bigger picture, and they all play an important part.  My biggest example of this was when I introduced Allen Roth wallpaper into my home!  Originally my walls were just painted a straight solid color without any type of decoration.

I knew I had to give my walls a little sprucing up, and that’s when I knew I should use a new wallpaper style!  So I went to Lowes and looked at their decoration department, and I picked out my favorite Allen and Roth wallpaper!

Learn More About an Allen Roth Wallpaper!

What About An Allen Roth Closet?

allen roth closetFor anyone that has a lot of clothes and shoes, then storage space is a huge deal when looking at a new home or even remodeling your current home.  I recently was helping a friend overcome this problem as they were considering selling their house just because of this single reason, but thankfully we came up with the solution of purchasing an Allen Roth Closet instead of purchasing a new home!

Closets are great for storing your personal goods, and keeping them out of the open and keeping them nice and organized.  Now nearly every modern house has closets and they aren’t necessarily a new thing, but Allen and Roth closets are completely revolutionizing the closet organization world.  These systems are great for people in tight spaces or people that need organization in their life.  Since there is quite a lot to talk about with these new closets I made my own page dedicated to them!

Check Out My Allen Roth Closet Page!

 Do You Have an Allen Roth Ceiling Fan?

allen roth ceiling fanWhen you are looking at lighting and new fixtures for your home, you can easily forget about ceiling fans.  As i’m sure you are aware, ceiling fans are great for spicing up the look of your room as well as providing a much needed relief from the heat.  I personally think that every room in your house except for a select few deserve to have a fan in them.  Because of this, last year I decided on buying my very first Allen Roth ceiling fan!

Allen and Roth ceiling fans are great because of their modernistic feel and also because of their functionality.  These fans provide a gently breeze that gives the entire room a pleasant feel.  Before buying this fan, I hadn’t replaced a fan by myself, so this was quite the adventure for me.  I was actually pleasantly surprised on how easy the actual installation was.  I spent around an hour standing on a ladder in my family room installing our new fan, and then I was done!  I have so much information to share, so I decided to create a whole page for this subject!

Check Our My Page About My Allen Roth Ceiling Fan!

If you are someone that is renovating your home, or are constantly looking for ways to update and upgrade your house, then once you find a brand that works for you, you should stick with it!  Allen + Roth is this company.  They have products for every type of renovation, and they have the quality that you can trust!

Interior Design Tips

As AllenRothHub has continued to grow, we have done our best to review every Allen + Roth product and help to give you a great unbiased review of them.  But as we have grown we have started to get some requests for help with general interior design.  We have gotten some questions and have down our best answer them, but now we are going to create a section to help everyone!

We have created a section dedicated to some helpful interior design tips and guides.  These can range from basic repairs and installation all the way to picking the best type of product.  The great thing about this section is that I urge my visitors to contact me and ask any questions and I’ll use this section to answer their questions!

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Bamboo Interior Products

If you have ever never heard of Bamboo interior products then I’m sure you haven’t been introduced to this level of comfort and style.  There are quite a few different bamboo products available, but mainly they are focused around the cloth/sleeping products.  My favorite example of this is pillows, and sheets.  The great thing about these bamboo products is that they are extremely soft and they are great for people with allergies.  Because of the organic production of these products they are extremely hypoallergenic and I definitely recommend them.

There are quite a few different bamboo products, and we are doing our best to constantly be updating and writing about new bamboo products.  If you have any questions or want to recommend a bamboo product for me to review, then just shoot me a message!

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