You Need Allen and Roth Flooring For Your Home!

Updated July 17th 2016  Allen Roth has been a company that has quite a few different products to their name.  They have done such a great job at building a brand that they seem to have excellent products in nearly every niche!  I think this is fantastic because I love Allen Roth, and that is why I thoroughly suggest allen and roth flooring for your next flooring needs!

My first encounter with these floors was actually in someone else’s home, as I mentioned before.  I was touring their home and I found their hardwood floors absolutely beautiful, and I needed it in my next house.  So, after some careful planning, that is exactly what I did.

Why Should You Pick Allen and Roth Flooring?

Allen Roth’s name is just about enough for most people in convincing them to get a product they have.  They have a trusted credibility and durability that will guarantee that their products are the best they can be.  As someone who has owned hundreds of their products, I have never had a serious problem with any of the pieces I have owned.  And if I did have a slight issue or needed more clarification on something, their customer support worked hard to make sure I was satisfied.

allen roth flooringAlong with this trusted credibility and brand recognition, I definitionally enjoy the look of their product.  The laminate flooring that  I currently own in my house has a distinctive style that really looks like a great  deep, dark flavor.  They have quite a few different types of wood that you can pick from including oak, mahogany, teak, and other exotic woods.  I personally own the mahogany version because I love the reddish looking color that flows from this wood.  It was actually quite difficult choosing which floor to go with because all of these colors are really smooth and they look great!  Overall you will have great success if you pick allen roth flooring, but there is one thing you need to know!

What Type of Allen Roth Flooring Are You Looking For?

In this marketplace,  there are quite a few different flooring solutions from this company, and it is important to know your options!  Since there are so many different options, I have chosen to create separate pages for each of these options.  This will help to give you an insightful review on each of these products without having to sort through all the other options you might not be interested in.  So, low and behold, your Allen and Roth flooring options!

Types of Allen Roth FlooringMaterialPrice Avg
Allen Roth Laminate FlooringSynthetic10$ Per SqFt
Allen and Roth Hardwood FlooringWood25$ Per SqFt
Allen Roth RugsTextile15$ Per SqFt

Allen and Roth Hardwood Flooring!

Allen and Roth Hardwood Flooring

Look at this awesome Allen and Roth flooring display!

Typically, when you are looking for a new type of flooring, you always seem to hover towards hardwood flooring.  I know this because I did the exact same thing.  I went to my local lumberliquidators and started looking around.  There were a lot of great pieces, but they all didn’t really catch my eye like one of them did.  I walked over to the corner of the store, and they had a display set up of Allen and Roth Hardwood Flooring, and it was beautiful!  This allen roth flooring had to be the best floor in the store, and the price was good!  They had a few variants of this allen roth hardwood flooring and they all looked great. They had some that were mahogany and a typical reddish cherry color that was brilliant, and they also had the classic dark brown which I was looking for.

If you are someone considering replacing your floors, I would definitely suggest you take a look at these pieces!  They are marvelous!

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Allen Roth Laminate Flooring!

Allen and Roth FlooringAs I told you earlier, there are quite a few different types of Allen and Roth flooring options.  I mentioned hardwood earlier, but another famous option is Allen Roth Laminate Flooring!  Laminate flooring is also called Floating Wood Tile, because of how it looks!  It is generally wood or sometimes stone that has a synthetic coating over top.  This gives it a clear protective coating over it compared to hardwood which is just the wood.

This synthetic process actually makes it a little easier to install than hardwood, which also makes it a little cheaper.  Now some people prefer the elegance of hardwood, but I think laminate flooring looks great, and its cheaper and it has a little protection to it!  Along with this, it is actually pretty easy to maintain because of this layering on top, and some of these floors actually have anti-microbial resin on top to help kill germs that come in contact with the floor!  I can talk about this for hours, but that is why I made an entire post dedicated to Allen Roth laminate flooring!

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What About Allen Roth Rugs?

allen roth rugsWhen you think of allen roth flooring options, you tend to think of just putting in new floors completely, but there are other options.  When I need a change in my flooring I like to think of Allen Roth Rugs!  Now generally rugs aren’t a complete solution if you want a brand new floor, but it can definitely help you to gain a new style in your home!

Generally rugs as I’m sure you know, are put in critical parts of the home, like entryways, and as you walk into a room.  They can also be used to be placed in the middle of a room to help create a center piece for you and your guests.  I love placing my rugs in the middle of my rooms with hardwood floor because it gives you some comfort from the hardwood, and it blends into the style greatly!

There are a few different types of Allen and Roth rugs, and I have owned quite a few of them.  I personally love my Allen Roth area rugs.  These are great because I put them in the center of my living room over the hardwood.  It provides a great color contrast to the room, and it makes the room that much comfier and homey.  Overall you should definitely be on the look out for rug sales because occasionally Lowes will have a few seasonal sales.  There is so much information on this subject that I needed to create a separate page.  So take a look!

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Allen Roth Laminate Flooring Installation!

Allen Roth Laminate Flooring Installation

Installing Allen Roth laminate floors is a breeze!

When you are someone who is a fixer upper and you love new projects, installing a new set of flooring can really be a test to your patience and your skill.  I remember when I first tried installing a new set of laminate flooring.  I was completely lost.  I eventually was able to compete the project but it definitely took my a lot longer than it should have, and it was very frustrating.  Thankfully when I got around to installing my Allen and Roth laminate flooring, it was a breeze!  Allen Roth laminate flooring installation was one of the most simple and easiest flooring installations I have ever done!

I was given a set of instructions and it told you exactly what you needed to do, and it had diagrams that showed very clearly how to accomplish this!  Thankfully these diagrams weren’t like ones I’ve dealt with in the past that are so small that you can’t even see what’s going on in it.  If you are installing flooring, I would definitely recommend installing Allen Roth laminates!

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What About Allen Roth Tile?

When you are talking about flooring options, a lot of people like hardwood floors like we talked about earlier, but another option is Allen Roth Tile!  Tile is generally made from either stone or ceramic and it is often used in bathrooms and places where water can be splashed.  Although tile is great for water prone locations, it is also used quite a lot in places instead of hardwood floors like living rooms and dining rooms.

Because tile is so different than hardwood floors, peoples opinion on it really varies by their taste.  I personally love them both, but they definitely have different purposes and looks.  Although my hallways have hardwood, I had Allen Roth tile in my bathrooms and dining room.  But, it definitely does vary on preference.

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